My name is Tom McCuan, a Lifetime Exteriors representative. Lifetime Exteriors is owned and operated by Roy Herron, holder of a California contractor ID, number 718263. We’re EPA certified and Master Installation certified.

The company has been in business for 20 years, demonstrating our window and door installation, roofing, and exterior siding installation expertise. We pride ourselves on our experience and quality of work. Within our 20 years of business, we’ve traveled all over Kern county and the surrounding area, done hundreds of projects, and made countless friends. We’ve worked in every kind of weather you can imagine, through sweltering heat and punishing storms, during day and night. Some of our projects were finished up in a few hours, while others took weeks.

In that time, through all of those projects, we always been grateful. There’s been multitudes of families we have come in contact with, and it has always been a thrill for my team and I to help them make their dreams come true. When we finish up a project and the homeowner inspects the work, our proudest moments are when their face lights up because the work turned out better than they could have expected.

Our clients refer their friends and family to us. I think they do that because we’re a company that believes in going the extra mile. We strive to be a company that is affordable, trustworthy, professional and friendly. In the end, working on someone’s home isn’t just a job-it’s a privilege and a responsibility we don’t take lightly. To all of our clients, I thank you for the years you’ve given us, and the years yet to come.

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